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Essential Oils

India has been a land of yoga, Ayurveda and alternative medicines and thus the use of essential oils can not be overlooked. They have been an integral part of various treatments and therefore have been used in India ever since. Coming to understand the importance of essential oils; these are oils of the plants that contain essence of plants’ fragrance having both, the aromatic as well as therapeutic properties.

Essential oil therapy commonly known as the Aromatherapy; is both an art and science of utilizing aromatic essences extracted from plants. It is a form of alternative medicine. It aids in promoting healthier body, mind and spirit. Every oil has its unique therapeutic powers. The volatile aromatic compounds in these oils not only enrich their aroma, enhance their penetrative powers but also enable them to promote cell growth, boost immunity, improve blood circulation and eradicate toxins from the body.

Having understood the benefits that nature has to offer we took an initiative to collect these power packed substances, capture their properties and propagate their benefits by making these available to the masses. The essence of these high quality pristine essential oils, is captured keeping in mind the International standards.

Let us take a quick look at some of the interesting and medicinal uses of these oils;

Leveder-Essential oil

Lavender Essential Oil: is the most versatile of all essential oils. These days, most of us suffer from problems like stress, anxiety, headaches, sleep deprivation and so on. Therefore, no home should be without lavender essential oil. Yes... you got it right! This is the power packed essential oil that reduces anxiety, stress, headache and improves sleep. The list however does not end here. It has more to offer. It restores skin complexion, reduces acne, improves psoriasis, eczema and most importantly slows aging because of the antioxidants hidden within it.

Leveder-Essential oil

Peppermint Essential Oil: who can deny the fresh and invigorating mint aroma that peppermint offers. It is best at treating indigestion, nausea, pain, fever, respiratory problems as well as stomach spasms.

Besides these therapeutic properties, one cannot ignore the cool tingling sensations that it creates on the skin while inspiring a sense of relaxation.

Leveder-Essential oil

Lemongrass Essential Oil: has a light, fresh, citrus aroma. It rejuvenates, stimulates and improves mental clarity. It promotes lactation, cures fungal infections, reduces depression, cures nervous disorders and has soothing effect on mind and body.

Having astringent properties, it helps in healing wounds. Alongside, its appealing fragrance, helps deodorise, thus boosting self-confidence, self-esteem, and fighting depression.

Leveder-Essential oil

Sweet Orange Essential Oil: as the name suggests the essential oil of sweet orange has sweet, citric & refreshing aroma. It has a wide variety of domestic, industrial and therapeutic uses; starting from adding to beverages, chocolates, desserts, sweet meats, biscuits and so on; to using it in soaps, creams and body lotions for its anti ageing properties. It spreads soft, soothing, comforting fragrance to rooms when used as room freshner. So, what are you waiting for? Grab one today!

Leveder-Essential oil

Eucalyptus Essential Oil: is not only an excellent source of nutrition to wildlife, but also have astounding medicinal uses. It protects us from cold, flu and treats sinusitis; besides nourishing our hair and keeping it dandruff free. It even possesses anti-microbial properties and removes bad odour leaving us with pleasant and safe air to breathe. In a way, warding off asthma & bronchitis.

Leveder-Essential oil

Rosemary Essential Oil: as most of us know, rosemary adds that beautiful, soft flavour to the dishes that we cook for our loved ones. However, its role is not restricted to just that. It builds up immunity of our near and dear ones, thus, improving their quality of life. It's quite a booster to nerve growth factor along with improving memory. It has soothing effect on the digestive system and helps relieve muscle ache. Last but not the least it possesses amazing anti- cancer benefits. One must take full advantage of the resources that nature offers.

Leveder-Essential oil

Clay Sage Essential Oil: is a power-packed essential oil, which is most friendly to women. It is the best for their hormones and takes good care of their uterus health. It aids in regulating menstrual cycle, prevents hair loss, stimulates sexual desires, lowers blood pressure and fights depression. Wow! It seems to make world a happy place to live in.

Leveder-Essential oil

Tea Tree Essential Oil: is best known for its antiseptic properties and its great ability to heal wounds. It has been silently sitting in our household and cosmetic products like shampoos, creams, face washes, massage oils, etc. and from there with topical application it has been protecting us against many viral infections. Don’t you agree it is high time we accept it gladly and make it a proud part of our cabinet? Other than, the above mentioned benefits, it is known to treat earaches, head lice, itchy insect bites, psoriasis, chickenpox, sunburns and many other bacterial, fungal as well as viral infections.

Leveder-Essential oil

Bergamot Essential Oil: is a citrus fruit. The oil is extracted from its rind. It is most commonly used in black tea from where we get the name "Earl Grey". It's sweet tantalising smell creates a feeling of freshness, joy and energy thus improving blood circulation and easing out depression. It helps in secretion of insulin and bile, therefore managing sugar levels. It's sweet and stimulating smell makes it very acceptable and is effective in treating neurological conditions.

Leveder-Essential oil

Frankincense Essential Oil: is a holy anointing oil, used for religious ceremonies in Middle East. It is sourced from resin of boswellia sacara tree. Even though it has many medicinal uses that may easily lure anyone, but one must be cautious not to over-consume it, as it can have toxic effects. It has been used since thousands of years because of its stress relieving quality. It fights anxiety and negative emotions. It is a natural deodoriser. It helps prevents tooth decay, bad breath, cavities/oral infection. Scars/ stretch marks needn’t be a cause of worry any longer, as frankincense essential oil takes care of both.

Leveder-Essential oil

Geranium Essential Oil: having a wonderful flowery scent is best suited for skin. Its use can be traced back to ancient times to boost activities of circulatory system and nervous system. Its calming effect revitalizes the body tissues, promoting healthy and glowing skin.

Leveder-Essential oil

Ylang Ylang Essential Oil: It finds its origin in Indonesia where the petals are often strewn across a marriage bed. It brings about a sense of relaxation. It helps in releasing feelings of tension, anger and nervous irritability. It is used to promote luxuriant hair.

Clove Essential oil

Clove Essential Oil: as we all know, clove essential oil has never stopped surprising us. It has immense potential. It not just takes care of our dental caries and oral hygiene but also possesses aphrodisiac and stimulating properties. With more than 20 therapeutic uses it takes lead among all the essential oils. It is not a hidden fact that for most of us the day starts with using clove essential oil in one way or the other It finds its place in our daily schedule as our day begins, per se in our toothpaste, mouthwash, prayers, savoury dishes, sweet dishes, for relieving headaches (clove oil mixed with salt and applied on forehead relieves headaches) or treating sty. Many of our friends enjoy smoking cigarettes having clove oil. Other than these, it helps in purifying blood, fighting cancer, boosting immunity and the list goes on. It is “the most handy” thing one can ever have. It can be kept at home, carried to work in purse, kept in car, or however else one likes.

Patchouli Essential Oil

Patchouli Essential Oil: is extracted from Pogostemon. It is light yellow to dark brown in colour and is a thick oil. The plant is native to Malaysia and India. It has unique qualities, such as being anti depressant, sedative, diuretic and antiseptic. These abilities make it out shine other essential oils.

Rose Essential Oil

Rose Essential Oil: is yet another very popular essential oil. It holds a very dear place in hearts of many because of its strong, floral fragrance, which is romantic and luxurious. Similar to clove essential oil, it secures its place with almost 20 favourable and propitious effects. Its captivating aroma keeps it in ready to use list for exotic dishes and beverages besides being used in perfumes and toiletries.

Other than the aromatic properties, it even possesses antispasmodic, anti-viral, anti-bacterial and laxative qualities that enhance its significance and brings it in the limelight of medicinal field. It is an amazing tonic for nerves, reduces stomach disorders, eases menstruation, prevents excessive bleeding and keeps liver healthy.

Sandalwood Essential Oil

Sandalwood Essential Oil: excels and grabs a special place for itself since thousands of years. Just like, clove and rose essential oil, even sandalwood essential oil is considered sacred and is used in prayers. It has many medicinal uses as well. It lowers cholesterol. It functions as antiseptic, anti-inflammatory, antiphlogistic, antispasmodic, astringent, cicatrisant, carminative, diuretic, disinfectant, emollient, expectorant, hypotensive, memory booster, sedative, and a tonic substance. It has been, since a long time, used in many beauty products like soaps, shampoos, creams, body lotions, etc. It is used to treat acne as well.


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